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Solo Trailblazer Award

For businesses working solo.

Recognizing Micro-Business Innovators

This category celebrates remarkable sole-operator businesses that are blazing a trail all on their own. If you're driving your business forward single-handedly, this award is your chance to shine.

Criteria: We are looking to recognize sole operator businesses that are developing their business/concept all on their own. These business owners have no permanent or part-time employees, however, may utilize online contractors.

Who should enter this award?

This category is for a sole trader, Someone who works alone in their business, a micro-business who works with contractors or entirely on their own. Ideal for bloggers, consultants, copywriters, therapists, and Home-based businesses.

Sponsored by Susan Templeman MP

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To enter, fill in the submission below. To prepare your answers in advance, download the questions ahead of time, then return and enter your submission as you cannot save and come back.

Soaring Micro-Nomination
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