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Honour Community Champions: Enter the Community
Categories Today

Community groups or programs, volunteers, non-profits, local leaders, and passionate individuals making a difference. Visionaries, changemakers, and those driven by a mission to uplift and inspire others.
Our aim is to honour local people for their remarkable contributions.


Nominate yourself or someone you know and let their efforts be recognized.

An independent judging panel will evaluate the entries, ensuring a fair and prestigious award process. Select a category and enter below. If you nominate a wonderful person you know, our team will notify them of their nomination and invite them to participate. You can enter as many categories as apply to you.

Join us in celebrating the creative, hard-working, and dedicated individuals who strengthen our communities.

Enter the Altitude Awards and let your impact shine!

Community Categories

Community Categories

Impact Award - Social and Community

This award honours a business that has made a significant social or community impact through its operations, initiatives, or projects, fostering a better environment or society.​

Who should enter this award?

Social enterprises, non-profits, and businesses engaged in community development, social justice, or environmental sustainability.

Community Builder Award

The Community Builder Award recognizes organizations or individuals who have made significant contributions to building and strengthening their communities. This award honors those who create inclusive environments, foster community spirit, and enhance the quality of life for community members.


  • Demonstrated efforts in community building and enhancement.

  • Measurable positive impact on the community.

  • Evidence of inclusive and collaborative approaches.

  • Long-term commitment to community development.

Who should enter this award?

  • Non-profits, community organizations, and social enterprises.

  • Individuals or groups leading community initiatives.

  • Local businesses involved in community engagement and development.

Program Excellence Award

The Program Excellence Award celebrates exceptional programs that deliver impactful services and achieve measurable success in improving community well-being. This award honours innovative, effective, and sustainable programs that address specific community needs.


  • Clearly defined program objectives and goals.

  • Demonstrable positive impact on the target population.

  • Evidence of innovation and creativity in program design and implementation.

  • Sustainable practices and efficient use of resources.

Who should enter this award?

  • Non-profits and social enterprises with successful community programs.

  • Educational and training institutions with impactful programs.

  • Organisations with initiatives that have achieved measurable success.

Social Enterprise Innovation Award

The Social Enterprise Innovation Award recognises programs or initiatives that address social challenges through unique and innovative products or services. This award honours creativity and effectiveness in solving community issues and improving social well-being.


  • Innovative solutions to social challenges.

  • Measurable impact on the community.

  • Scalability and sustainability of the innovative approaches.

  • Strong community engagement and involvement.

Who should enter this award?

  • Social enterprises and non-profits with innovative initiatives.

  • Startups and organisations with creative solutions to social issues.

  • Community groups and individuals driving social change through innovation.

Charity Champion Award

The Charity Champion Award acknowledges charitable organisations or individuals who have made remarkable contributions to society. This award honours the dedication, impactful initiatives, and exceptional efforts in philanthropy and charitable work.


  • Significant contributions to charitable causes.

  • Evidence of impactful and sustainable initiatives.

  • Strong engagement with donors, volunteers, and community members.

  • Demonstrable positive outcomes of charitable efforts.

Who should enter this award?

  • Charitable organisations and foundations.

  • Individuals dedicated to philanthropy and charitable work.

  • Non-profits with impactful charitable programs and initiatives.

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