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Visionary leaders, innovative thinkers, and trailblazers making a significant impact. Our aim is to honour those who demonstrate exceptional leadership, inspire others, and drive positive change. Whether you’re a corporate leader, a community organizer, or a rising star, we invite you to showcase your achievements.

An independent judging panel will evaluate the entries to ensure a fair and prestigious award process. Select a category and enter it below.

If you nominate a deserving leader, you know our team will notify them of their nomination and invite them to participate. You can enter as many categories as apply to you.


Join us in celebrating the dynamic, hardworking, and inspiring leaders who shape our future. Enter the Altitude Awards and let your leadership story inspire others!

Leadership Categories

Leadership Categories

Team of the Year Award

The Team of the Year Award celebrates a team that has demonstrated exceptional collaboration, achieved significant results, and made a positive impact within their business organisation or community. This award honours a high-performing team's collective efforts, innovative strategies, and outstanding achievements.​


  • Demonstrated exceptional teamwork and collaboration.

  • Achieved significant and measurable results.

  • Positive impact on the organisation or community.

  • Innovative approaches to problem-solving and achieving goals.

  • Strong leadership and effective communication within the team.

The Changemaker - Making a Difference Award

This award recognises a business or individual who has made a substantial impact on their community or industry by driving positive change and inspiring others to follow their lead.

Who should enter this award?

Non-profits, social enterprises, and businesses involved in community outreach, sustainability, or advocacy.

Impact Award -
Education & Personal Transformation

This award recognises a business or organisation that has contributed significantly to education and personal transformation, empowering individuals through learning and development.

Who should enter this award?

Educational institutions, training programs, personal development coaches, and businesses offering transformative educational services.

Pioneering Achievement Award

For groundbreakers in their industry

Recognizing individuals with 10+ years of dedicated industry service. As mentors and champions, they've made an indelible mark on their field and deserve recognition for their profound contributions.


A minimum of 10 years in an industry or profession, it can be across different organisations with a particular industry. We are looking for contributors to change and being part of an evolving profession or industry.

Who should enter this award?

Professionals, individuals, small business operators, team members.  organisation members, consultants, any individuals.

Sponsored by Elizabeth Elenor - The Intuitive Warrior


Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur Award

The Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur Award honours entrepreneurs who lead their businesses with a strong sense of purpose and commitment to creating positive social, environmental, or community impact. This award recognises individuals who integrate their values and mission into their business practices, driving change and inspiring others through their dedication to meaningful causes.


  • Mission-Driven Leadership: Demonstrates a clear commitment to a social, environmental, or community-focused mission.

  • Positive Impact: Provides measurable evidence of the positive impact on society, the environment, or the community.

  • Sustainable Practices: Incorporates sustainable and ethical practices within the business operations.

  • Innovation and Creativity: Employs innovative approaches to solving social or environmental challenges.

  • Business Success: Achieves business growth and success while maintaining a strong commitment to their purpose.

Who should enter this award?

  • Social Entrepreneurs: Individuals who have founded or led businesses with a primary focus on addressing social or environmental issues.

  • Sustainable Business Owners: Entrepreneurs prioritising sustainability and ethical practices in their business models.

  • Non-Profit Leaders: Founders or leaders of non-profit organisations that operate with entrepreneurial strategies to achieve their mission.

  • Innovative Change-Makers: Entrepreneurs who have developed creative solutions to pressing social or environmental challenges.

Emerging Leader Award

The Emerging Leader Award recognizes individuals who have shown exceptional leadership potential and made significant contributions early in their careers. This award celebrates up-and-coming leaders who demonstrate innovation, initiative, and a commitment to making a positive impact within their organization or community.


  • Leadership Potential: Demonstrates strong leadership qualities and potential for future growth.

  • Innovation and Initiative: Shows creativity and initiative in their role, contributing new ideas and approaches.

  • Impact and Contribution: Has made significant contributions to their organization or community.

  • Professional Growth: Evidence of continuous learning and professional development.

  • Inspirational Role Model: Serves as a positive role model and inspires others within their organization or community.

Who should enter this award?

  • Early-career professionals demonstrating leadership qualities.

  • Individuals who have recently taken on leadership roles.

  • Young professionals who have initiated or led impactful projects or initiatives.

  • Emerging leaders within any industry or sector.

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