About the Altitude Awards

An annual awards program to honour our everyday community

The prestigious 2020 Altitude Awards are now open. The Altitude Awards have now been running for seven years and exist to acknowledge and recognise the achievement of everyday people across a range of sectors:

Small Business, Leadership, Individual Achievement and Contribution to Community.

The Awards are a social enterprise arm of Women with Altitude and the Mens Altitude Network. All proceeds go to a lower profile charity to raise awareness. This year our charity is Feel The Magic, an organisation that helps children who have lost a parent or sibling.

We have awarded over 250 business, social enterprises over recent years.
We understand the blood sweat and tears you undertake to follow your dreams.
This is the communities way of recognising all that you are accomplishing.

You are often inspiring to others, and making a difference with every step you take.
It’s time to step up and own it.
Enter  Yourself OR Nominate someone now!

What are the Altitude Awards?

Founded in 2012, The Altitude Awards are presented by the entrepreneurial community, Women with Altitude and the Men’s Altitude Network. The social enterprise arm of these organisations, the awards program honours the achievements of individuals and businesses.

Local people in small business, social enterprises, volunteers, managers are achieving great things and we want to celebrate and champion these amazing people.
Awards are also a currency! They have gravitas and are a talking point for businesses to share. A confidence builder for individuals and a great way to focus on gratitude and what we have accomplished rather than what’s lacking or wrong.


There are 16 categories, it is free to enter, and we can promise you, that this is a robust process for review and reflection.


You can nominate someone you know or, you can enter directly into your chosen category

Why the Altitude Awards?


Awards are wonderful for getting eyes onto your business or cause.
• They carry opportunities for publicity and online presence.
• They give you confidence and clarity and show you how far you have come.
• Awards hold a weight with your customers and your community. Being a finalist or a winner has gravitas and prestige for how others see your organisation

• The Awards are open to everyone.  You can enter any category you wish, her you can nominate someone or be nominated - You do not have to be nominated to enter.

Winners are announced at our annual ‘Gratitude’ Awards Ball on 19th September, tickets available now.

All proceeds will go to charity, Feel the Magic.

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