About the Altitude Awards

An annual awards program to honour our everyday community

The prestigious 2020 Altitude Awards are now open. The Altitude Awards have now been running for seven years and exist to acknowledge and recognise the achievement of everyday people across a range of sectors:

Small Business, Leadership, Individual Achievement and Contribution to Community.

The Awards are a social enterprise arm of Women with Altitude and the Mens Altitude Network. All proceeds go to a lower profile charity to raise awareness. This year our charity is Feel The Magic, an organisation that helps children who have lost a parent or sibling.

We have awarded over 250 business, social enterprises over recent years.
We understand the blood sweat and tears you undertake to follow your dreams.
This is the communities way of recognising all that you are accomplishing.

You are often inspiring to others, and making a difference with every step you take.
It’s time to step up and own it.
Enter  Yourself OR Nominate someone now!

What are the Altitude Awards?

Founded in 2012, The Altitude Awards are presented by the entrepreneurial community, Women with Altitude and the Men’s Altitude Network. The social enterprise arm of these organisations, the awards program honours the achievements of individuals and businesses.

Local people in small business, social enterprises, volunteers, managers are achieving great things and we want to celebrate and champion these amazing people.
Awards are also a currency! They have gravitas and are a talking point for businesses to share. A confidence builder for individuals and a great way to focus on gratitude and what we have accomplished rather than what’s lacking or wrong.


There are 16 categories, it is free to enter, and we can promise you, that this is a robust process for review and reflection.


You can nominate someone you know or, you can enter directly into your chosen category

Why the Altitude Awards?


Founded by Women with Altitude creator, Andrea Turner-Boys, The Altitude Awards were designed to reward individuals who are excelling in the areas of small business, leadership and community.

We want to shine a spotlight on the excellent work you might doing, on your brand or your message and we want to show the world that you are achieving great things.

We know that this can lift an individual, business or a cause and we think the world needs more positivity and and gratitude.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do the Altitude Awards work?

Part 1: Anyone can enter the awards. You can enter yourself or be nominated by others. Once you decide to enter, you complete a questionnaire designed to help you reflect and share about you and your business/cause. The reflection process is the key to these awards. Many people feel they are not ‘quite where they want to be’ or haven’t achieved all of their goals, yet, but we know that this reflective process of our awards entry will help provide some perspective and insight into how much you have actually achieved.

Part 2: After the close of entries, all awards are processed by our team at WWA. A panel of judges made up of entrepreneurs and distinguished peers begin the process of scoring an assessing each application.  The judges are looking for things like: insight, consistency, growth, how well the questions have been answered or demonstrated, supporting figures, what sets you apart, creativity, vision and inspiration.

Part 3. After all have been adjudicated we then find our finalists emerge. We limit the amount of finalists, to 7-8 people per category and we announce these finalists, engage with you and invite you to a localised event to present you with a certificate. Once you are a finalist you will be given the link to purchase tickets to our Gratitude Ball Awards Ceremony is where the winners are announced. Its an awards night, just like you see on TV, minus the celebrities, Glam up, bring your friends and family and see your name on the big screen. There is one winner from each category and some surprise awards on the night. For example, we have 16 categories but hand out about 26 awards. Its a wonderful occasion for networking, connection and celebrating you.

Part 4. Our team will do all they can to help you leverage the awards, whether you are a finalist or recipient. Awards hold a currency in the eyes of your clients or customers or people outside your organisation.  The awards are privately run, and involve hundreds of hours of time, staffing etc. The awards night is fund-raiser for charity and whilst we do a lot complimentary, the organisers are a small business themselves and work hard to make this event special for you and a focus for your business/cause

Q: Is there an entry fee?

There is no fee currently to enter the awards or attend the finalist presentation event. There IS a fee for the Altitude Awards ceremony. The awards tickets are a per person ticket. The event includes dinner and drinks on the night. The ceremony is a fundraiser for charity and helps cover the costs of the awards. 
Tickets are $140 pp and may be subject to change. The night is full of glitz and glamour and locally is referred to as the 'Gratitude Ball.' We shine a spotlight on a charity and have an awards raffle fundraiser. Its a great night for connecting with like minded businesses and celebrating the other finalists in your category. 

Its also a night of celebration of you and a very important part of the awards process. 
Not attending the awards ceremony, almost defeats the purpose of entering, so please consider this before submitting your entry. 
In fact, please note that some people they won't win so they don't come to the awards - This is actually not the case, by limiting the finalists to a few per category means that you have a great chance.

The date for the Awards Ball 2020 is November 7, at LCC Event Centre NSW.

Q: I’m not a member of WWA or M.A.N am I still eligible to enter?

Yes! Entry is open to members of Women with Altitude, The Men’s Altitude Network and Non-members.

Q: I have entered the awards, but I’m not able to attend the awards ceremony

What a shame! It so important that finalists are at the awards. We have found that people who think they won’t win, are often the ones that do, so it’s important to be there to celebrate yours and your fellow finalists. We suggest the following:

• Is there someone who can attend in your place?

• If not then we would suggest you consider entering at another time.

Q: When is the closing date for receiving entries?

For 2020, entries are now closed. We will update you when entries are open for next year's awards event!

Q: I have been nominated and the category I have been nominated for doesn’t match my circumstances, what should I do?

This sometimes happens when friends and colleagues nominate. Not to worry, just select the category that is appropriate for you and submit to that category. Your friends, Colleagues and customers are just excited to see you enter, and the category won’t be noticed by your nominator.

Q: I have a business partner, should we both enter?

Yes, you are welcome to nominate with all of your business partners or team.

Q:  I don’t have a great photo; can I still submit my entry?

We must have a photo for the entry to be validated. Choose a photo that you love and submit that

Q:  I have answered a question and I’m under or over the word count, what should I do?

If you are under and you are happy with the content of your answer, then submit. If you are over the word count, the judges have to read scores of entries, it’s important that you don’t go over by more than 40 words.

Q:  Are there any prizes?

Sponsors often supply prizes to the winner of their category. When you attend the awards ceremony, you will find out!

Q:  Can my partner or friends attend the awards event?

For the Awards ceremony, you can have as many or as little people attend that you like, tickets are the same price for all, tables of 10 will have a discount.

Q:  What is the finalists announcement party and can I bring friends to that?

This event is complimentary for the finalist, and you will be presented with a framed certificate. Accompanying friends are welcome will have a small cover charge ($20).

If you still have a question that we have not answered, please contact our team during office hours at info@womenwithaltitude.com.au and we can assist you. :)

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