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Inclusivity & Impact Award

For entrepreneurs, employers and advocates
who are working to make ability visible and including all people in what they do
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To enter, fill in the submission below. To prepare your answers in advance, download the questions ahead of time, prepare your answers, then return and enter your submission as you cannot save and come back.

Recognizing Transformative Community Contributors

The purpose of this award is to acknowledge ability and promote the visibility of what people with disability are achieving. This award is for entrepreneurs who have a disability, or a business that champions inclusion for disability and works toward inclusion of all people in their career and creative pursuits.

This award honors remarkable individuals or organizations driving positive change. Whether it's bridging gaps, providing opportunities, or transforming society, environment, or careers, this accolade celebrates your excellence in ability and inclusion.

Who can enter this award?: This category award is open to:  entrepreneurs who have a disability, OR an outstanding individual with a disability in their workplace. Also open to organisations who are working in partnership with community or within their organisation to include disadvantaged or minorities, close gaps or deliver opportunities for meaningful transformation in our society, environment and community for visibility and acceptance.

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