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Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur Award

Driving positive change

The Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur Award honours entrepreneurs who lead their businesses with a strong sense of purpose and commitment to creating positive social, environmental, or community impact. This award recognises individuals who integrate their values and mission into their business practices, driving change and inspiring others through their dedication to meaningful causes.



  • Mission-Driven Leadership: Demonstrates a clear commitment to a social, environmental, or community-focused mission.

  • Positive Impact: Provides measurable evidence of the positive impact on society, the environment, or the community.

  • Sustainable Practices: Incorporates sustainable and ethical practices within the business operations.

  • Innovation and Creativity: Employs innovative approaches to solving social or environmental challenges.

  • Business Success: Achieves business growth and success while maintaining a strong commitment to their purpose.

Who should enter this award

  • Social Entrepreneurs: Individuals who have founded or led businesses with a primary focus on addressing social or environmental issues.

  • Sustainable Business Owners: Entrepreneurs prioritising sustainability and ethical practices in their business models.

  • Non-Profit Leaders: Founders or leaders of non-profit organisations that operate with entrepreneurial strategies to achieve their mission.

  • Innovative Change-Makers: Entrepreneurs who have developed creative solutions to pressing social or environmental challenges.

To enter, fill in the submission below. To prepare your answers in advance, download the questions ahead of time, prepare your answers, then return and enter your submission as you cannot save and come back.

Purpose Driven form
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