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Excellence in Science and Tech

For breakthroughs in science and technology

In this category we are looking for excellence in the technology or sciences sector. It could be a company who as designed a great app, or a technical solution for a problem, or science based technology being used in products or services. 

Who should enter this award? 
Tech innovators, coders, engineers, products and services using science innovation. This is a new category in 2021

Soaring Micro-Nomination

Other categories:

Business Excellence

This award is for any business or organisation that has made significant advancement, growth, change or renewal in the past 18 months.

Soaring Micro

This category is for the Micro Business who have been operating five years or more and has stayed small by choice.

Through the Woods

 This award aims to recognise those who are now reaching even greater heights, given their experience and established track record.

Two Peas Partnership

For your local hubby & wife team, or friends/colleagues who hold a partnership in business, minimum 3 years trading, in any industry. 

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