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Leadership Categories

Honouring local people for their achievements


Anyone can enter The Altitude Awards. Family businesses, bloggers, sole traders, companies, non-profits, and individuals. Our aim is to honour local people for their achievements.  Nominate and enter yourself or nominate someone you know.


Individual businesses have sponsored this year's categories. An independent judging panel will adjudicate the awards each year. Select a category and enter below. If you nominate a fabulous person you know, our team will contact them to advise of their nomination and invite them to enter. You can enter as many categories as applies to you.

Join us in cheering on the creative, hard-working, innovative individuals in our communities.

The Changemaker Award

Business Disruptor Category


This is an award for a groundbreaker business, a smasher of boundaries. It looks to recognise a person challenging the status quo and making exciting changes in their industry, business or for their cause.


Who should enter this award? 

This category is for someone who is challenging the status quo. A person/team who is demonstrating innovation is doing things differently than what has been done before in their field.


Purpose Driven Award

Sponsored by Mind My Marketing

For those who balance purpose, people, and profit


Business models are changing. Purpose-driven businesses look to find a balance between profit, people and purpose, creating a force for positive change in the world.

Nominate or enter a business/organisation whom as part of their strategic plan, actively gives back or tithes to the community, has a philanthropic heart to help, and develop programs for the less fortunate or provide an opportunity for others.

Who should enter this award?

This category is for your organisation that is making a difference in people's lives. Locally focused enterprises/ non-profits/initiatives who would benefit from recognising their hard work and contribution.

An award for a person who has been in business, or in a particular profession, for 20+ years, (we are not pedantic, 19 years for example is also accepted!)  This person has been a groundbreaker throughout their career, a supporter and mentor in their industry, and deserves to be recognised for their achievements, their business or cause.

Who should enter this award?

This category is for a leader who either works for someone else or has their own business. The emphasis is on the contribution that this person has made to a particular industry or profession.

Revolutionary Achievement Award

For groundbreakers in the industry

Sponsored by Woodford Homes

Woodford Homes.jpg

Community Connector

For those who connect with a generous spirit

This award is for a person who demonstrates the core values of openness and generosity. They embrace the value of networking, collaboration, and relationship building with an abundance mentality - Plenty for all. A community connector could be an entrepreneur or a team member in a social enterprise or not for profit. - We are looking for someone who can see the larger picture in creating enough pie for all.

Who should enter this award?

This category is for a person that connects people with a spirit of generosity. A great referrer, this person believes in helping her peers to connect. This person, could be in business, work for others or is from a non-profit or social network.​

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